Google’s Ads policies for submitting trademark violations are time-consuming and cumbersome. And manually sorting through thousands of ads to make sure they are compliant is impossible.

Our Paid Search Monitoring tool finds infringing ads by crawling the web and bringing them to you. Through the easy-to-use app you can request the removal of non-compliant ads in bulk and send remediation emails to partners.


The end result: automated monitoring of the SERP, lower CPCs, higher CTRs, and a compliant and optimized partner marketing channel.


Our Paid Search Monitoring demo gives you full and customized access to BrandVerity’s platform with your data.


We follow these four steps:

  • Meet with you to get a seed list of your keywords
  • Set up an account for you with your keywords
  • Review the results of the real-time crawling with you
  • Show you how to take action