Free Webinar

Brand Protection in an
Ever-Changing PPC Landscape

March 28th



As Google moves towards greater automation, learn tactics to maintain control of your PPC and brand journey.



Feel like you are losing control as Google Ads becomes increasingly automated and the Ads interface continues to change? While many of the recent updates help simplify repetitive tasks and make campaign optimization easier, constant change can also be unsettling to PPC Managers who like control over their campaigns.

In this webinar, Dustin Hovey, Senior SEM Manager at SendGrid, will review some of the recent Google changes and share ideas on how to best respond. BrandVerity’s Director of Marketing, Jessica Bultman, will also discuss how you can protect your brand in paid search, even as the landscape evolves.



In this webinar, the experts discuss:


  • The sunset of the “average position” metric and its impact on your PPC
  • Tactics for total SERP domination
  • How Responsive Search Ads make it easier for trademark infringers
  • The benefits of monitoring your paid search