On-demand Webinar: Everything You Want to Know about Brand Bidding

Paid search veteran Nikki Kuhlman answers hotly debated brand bidding questions.

When does it make sense to bid on your brand? Search marketers argue about this all the time—but they never give you a definitive answer. Do you always bid? Should you rely on your organic rankings?


It’s time to answer these brand bidding questions with confidence. In this webinar, Nikki Kuhlman, PPC Specialist at JumpFly and paid search marketer since 2002, will share her wisdom about when and how to brand bid.


We’ll also have BrandVerity’s Director of Business Development Preston Holland discuss how you can protect your branded keywords so that trademark bidders don’t take them over.


Sign up for this webinar to learn:

  • Which branded keywords you should always bid on
  • What branded keywords to avoid
  • When to bid on others’ brand names
  • Why trademark bidders target your brand terms, and how to protect your campaigns

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