Free Webinar

In Defense of Brand Bidding

May 30th



Learn everything you need to know to win at brand bidding.



Has your CEO or CMO ever asked you, “Why are we bidding on our branded terms when we rank #1 in organic?” It can be tough to explain without specific data to back you up.


In this webinar, Ian Orekondy, Director of Search Engine Marketing at Good Apple Digital shares the insights and key findings of his agency’s detailed research about the impact of brand bidding on CPCs, CTRs, and conversions. He teaches you brand bidding best practices to immediately improve your own campaigns.


We also had BrandVerity’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Brendan Lash, discuss how you can protect your branded keywords so that trademark bidders don’t take them over.



In this webinar, the experts discuss:

  • Insights from Good Apple Digital’s research on brand bidding
  • When to bid on competitor terms
  • 6 reasons why PPC brand bidding is a no-brainer
  • Why trademark bidders target your brand terms, and how to protect your campaigns