In 2022 alone, affiliate marketing spend in the US alone is expected to reach a record high of $8.2bn. Meanwhile, paid search is being forecasted to hit a global market spend of $136bn by the end of this year. By investing in these growing markets, brands expect to generate new sales lease, bolster conversion levels, and build meaningful business relationships.


Yet as marketing strategies evolve and paid search and affiliate continue to dominate spend, it’s critical that brands understand the fundamentals of these cross-channel activities, the interplay between them–and how it has the potential to affect brand safety and integrity.


Download the ClickZ + BrandVerity Paid Search Monitoring and Brand Compliance Survey Report 2022 and take a deep dive into marketers’ thoughts on:


  • The effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs, paid search, and brand monitoring solutions
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  • How threats to brand integrity could be overcome through dynamic cross-channel monitoring solutions
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