Paid search is too dynamic for occasional checks. Ensure airtight pharma SEM compliance.

What happens after a paid search ad gets approved? You can’t fully control how search engines display ads in the wild. From Responsive Search Ads automatically creating thousands of permutations of your ads to partners and third-parties not following the rules, you are exposed to risk.


How do you mitigate this risk?


A demo of BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring gives you the full picture, enabling you to see exactly what compliance issues you’re facing – and remediate them. Demo accounts come with full access to BrandVerity’s tool so you can:


  • Monitor partners’, third-parties’, and your own ads.
  • Detect and receive alerts about noncompliant ads.
  • Uncover all the details you need: location, display URL, ad copy, and more.
  • Remediate issues and get peace of mind.