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Digital marketing has done wonders for brands, but it’s not without its challenges. Today, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything that marketing partners, affiliates, and third-parties are doing online.

We provide visibility into key digital marketing channels, enabling you to protect your brand and ensure compliance. With BrandVerity, you can spend less time dealing with brand violations and more time on what matters.

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Paid Search Monitoring

Have you ever searched for your brand and found something that shouldn’t be there? Unfortunately, those ads are also running when you don’t have the time to search. We enable you to monitor advertising at scale, alerting you about potential violations.

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Content Monitoring

Who is marketing to your customers? And how? While you can largely control your own content, how do you know what‘s on other sites? Marketing partners and even third-parties can pose regulatory risks—or risks to your brand image.

We streamline your compliance process by crawling and analyzing web content, helping you identify and handle issues.

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Coupon Code Monitoring

Coupons are great for spiking demand, but they can also be reposted without authorization, left up after expiration, and even falsified entirely. We track these issues down and equip you to address them efficiently.

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