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If you'd like to reach us online, please drop us a note using our contact form or drop us an email at support@brandverity.com

You can also call us at the following lines:

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Customer Testimonials

I'll start with this: you can't go wrong working with BV. Aside from the functionality and tech improvements, the service I have gotten from BV has been second to none. Quite often I talk directly to Dave, their CEO, and he helps handle my inquiries. This was true on day 1 during my trial phase with BV, and it holds true through today, 4 years or so later.

The BV team is also incredibly open to feedback from their users. There have been new feature requests over the years I have made, which have made it into updates they have rolled out for their live service. I highly recommend them. I know for a fact their tech is there, and requires very little time commitment to learn and use, and I would be willing to bet that you would receive the same level of service from them that I do.

Matt Enders, MGECOM

BrandVerity is an excellent tool, a must have for any search or affiliate marketer.

Stephen Favrot, HP-Snapfish

BrandVerity has quickly become an integral part of our business by not only protecting our clients brands but also saving my team countless hours we previously had to waste policing our paid search terms.

Jon Nunez, AffiliateManager.com

PoachMark has been a tremendous resource for monitoring the use of our trademarks by both affiliates and the competition. The service is easy to use, can be customized to your particular situation, and the BrandVerity team is a pleasure to work with.

Bob Drumm, AC Lens

BrandVerity has been nothing less than a game changer, and is a must-have tool for any advertiser that relies on affiliate marketing as a major traffic and conversion channel. Realizing the amount of link hijacking done by affiliates on our brand keywords has totally changed our PPC policies and contributed to both raising the ROI of our Paid Search campaigns and better understanding of our affiliates mix.

Boaz Ariely, GlassesUSA.com

Biblica is a non-profit Bible publisher, our low prices don't allow us to pay affiliates for our brand name traffic. BrandVerity saves us time and money by providing a very effective tool to monitor our affiliate program.

Kristi Smith, BiblicaDirect.com

We use BrandVerity and we love it. After all, we have to sleep sometimes!

Karen Garcia, GTO Management

PoachMark is simply the best way to monitor your PPC policies.

Andy Rodriguez, Andy Rodriguez Consulting

The Affiliate Watchlist is an essential tool for affiliate managers. It allows them to benefit from the shared experience of many affiliate programs so that they can stop abuse before it happens.

Durk Price, eAccountableOPM

News: We've just released our Guide to Content Compliance for Financial Brands!