Free Webinar

The Art of Fraud:
Keeping Your Affiliate Program Compliant

April 26th


10am PDT

Learn the latest strategies to find and fight affiliate fraud.



Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned affiliate manager, preventing fraud in your channel can be a challenge. Keeping tabs on all your partners, all over the world, at all times of day, is very difficult. And when those seeking to evade detection use tactics like geo-targeting and day-parting, it’s practically impossible to find the fraud.


In this webinar, Michael Swensen, Senior Manager, Brand Quality and Regulatory Compliance at Rakuten and Greg Hoffman, Founder and CEO of Apogee will explain how to set up, scale, and monitor your program so that it doesn’t get overrun with fraud.



In this webinar, the experts will discuss:

  • The top 5 elements for a successful affiliate program
  • What to include in your terms and conditions
  • Red flags to look for and what to do if you see them
  • The different ways people commit affiliate fraud
  • How to use technology to monitor your affiliate channel for compliance