The ugly truth: Affiliate PPC fraud

No one is safe on the SERP: Uncovering shocking affiliate PPC fraud examples


Affiliate fraud is fluid and bad actors are growing increasingly sophisticated in their nefarious tactics to steal away revenue from brands. Suspicious activity like this warrants a broad scope of compliance monitoring, yet so many top brands are falling prey to these tactics, losing out, and paying big time for their vulnerability.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we examined some of the biggest affiliate PPC fraud risks facing even the biggest brands including:

  • Ad-hijacking
  • Unauthorized Brand Bidding
  • Non-compliant ad-copies
  • Misleading landing pages

Learn how alarming vulnerabilities of leading brands on the SERP—like Adidas, Lego, Debenhams, and more—are paying the price all due to a lack of affiliate monitoring. In this session, we dissected real-life examples and provided actionable insights to safeguard your brand's reputation and revenue. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and protect your brand from the perils of affiliate PPC fraud.