On-demand Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to Search Audiences and Remarketing

Supercharge your paid search by going beyond keywords.

Traditional search is rapidly changing. Search engines aren't just about search anymore, they're platforms that span many technologies and enable advertisers to develop target audiences.


In this webinar, Bing Evangelist Christi Olson and Adobe's Worldwide Search Marketing Program Manager Maria Corcoran cover the evolving landscape of audiences. They discuss the intersection between search and social, and how the intent graphs and audience graphs are coming together to empower marketers to create hyper-personalized strategies.


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  • How to use new audience-targeting features: In-Market Audiences, Custom Audiences, Similar Audiences
  • All the segmentation variables you can use
  • Why you already have more useful data than you think
  • How to use decision trees to make hyper-personalized segments
  • How to layer audiences together and send them highly compelling offers

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