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What’s Brand Got to Do with It?

December 10th


10am PT / 1pm ET

How to Protect Your Brand Investment Across the Digital Marketing Funnel



Your brand is your identity, your mission, your story, and your customer experience. This means that every marketing dollar you spend is also an investment in your brand. With many marketing channels to manage, digital marketers often don’t have time for defensive brand protection efforts. As more of your buyers research, discover, and shop online, however, you can’t afford to let others control the overall experience of your customers. 


In this webinar, Elena Zadorojny, Manager of Digital Acquisition at Choice Hotels International, Kenny Coates, Digital Acquisition Analyst at Choice Hotels International, and Jennifer Agustin, VP of Marketing at BrandVerity, will share brand protection best practices including:


  • How to identify opportunities to protect your brand across various digital marketing channels
  • The most common signs of online brand infringement and what can happen to your brand as a result
  • How to proactively set up a brand protection strategy moving forward

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