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If you'd like to reach us online, please drop us a note using our contact form or drop us an email at support@brandverity.com

If you need to reach us offline, you can send us mail to:

BrandVerity, Inc.
1101 Alaskan Way, Pier 55 - Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98101

What we do

Launched in early 2008, BrandVerity provides services that detect online brand and trademark abuse. The technology investments made by infringers have drastically outpaced the investments by brand owners. We intend to change that.

Our services are simple, straightforward and extremely good at what they do.

PoachMark, our first service, detects affiliate abuse of paid search policies. The service captures some of the most sophisticated techniques employed by trademark poachers and surfaces actionable information to our customers.

The Affiliate Watchlist grew as a result of the community policing efforts in the PoachMark Pool. Currently comprised of several hundred affiliate IDs, the Affiliate Watchlist contains a continually updated list of affiliate abusers, the networks they operate in and the IDs and websites they utilize.

News: We just released the Q1 2015 edition of our Report on Branded Keywords!