Webinar Highlight:

How to Police Your Affiliates
During the Holiday Rush

Don’t pay unruly affiliates unearned commissions during your busiest time of year. Learn quick and easy ways to minimize affiliate abuse during this webinar with Luca Kim, Marketing Manager at American Tire Distributors and Monisha Ray, Customer Success Manager at BrandVerity.

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Webinar: 7 Unexpected PPC + SEO Strategies for Growth Marketing

Josh Patrice, Sr. Director of Professional Services at BrightEdge and Jessica Bultman, Director of Marketing at BrandVerity will explore seven ways these two powerful channels work together to drive greater success for your business, increase visibility for your brand and control your brand story.

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Affiliate Marketing Experts' Predictions for 2018

What trends will impact the way advertisers run affiliate programs in 2018? We asked five affiliate marketing experts this question. Their valuable insights are captured in this eBook.

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Webinar: How to Protect Your Brand in Paid Search

If you aren’t protecting your brand you are letting others control your story and divert your traffic. In this webinar, Nikki Kuhlman, Director of Paid Search at JumpFly and Georgia Gier, Director of Customer Success at BrandVerity arm you with the tools and techniques you need to stop and prevent brand abuse.

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Customer Spotlight: Sonos

What does an ad hijack look like? Learn how Sonos used BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring to find and stop ad hijacking.

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Webinar: The Art of Fraud: Keeping Your Affiliate Program Compliant

Learn the latest strategies to find and fight affiliate fraud. Experts from Rakuten and Apogee will explain how to set up, scale, and monitor your program so that it doesn’t get overrun with fraud.

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The Ultimate Guide to Trademark Bidding

No one else is going to save your keywords, so you need to take charge. Learn everything you need to uncover trademark bidders and stop them in their tracks.

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Webinar: Must-Know Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2018

Don’t get caught off guard! Learn what to expect in 2018 and beyond. Watch the UK-based webinar with affiliate marketing experts from Performance Horizon, Acceleration Partners and Awin.

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Plow & Hearth Case Study

Publishers and resellers were consistently running ads using Plow & Hearth’s branded keywords. Learn how they used BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring to put the brakes on trademark bidding.

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Webinar: Brand Bidding - Everything You Want to Know but Were Afraid to Ask

When does it make sense to bid on your brand? Search marketers always argue in circles about this. It’s time for real brand bidding answers.

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The Monsters of Paid Search

Every day, PPC monsters are stealing thousands of clicks from your brand. Only you can save yourself from these monsters. Fight back using this field guide.

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Webinar: Prepping Your Paid Search for the Holiday War Room

Hanapin's Associate Director of Search, Matt Umbro, and Account Manager, Zach Bruner, will show you how to create a great game plan for your holiday paid search.

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Retail’s Most Abused Brands in PPC

Retail brands lose millions of dollars to trademark bidders every quarter. Are you on the hit list? Find out what the damage is.

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Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to Search Audiences and Remarketing

Bing Evangelist Christi Olson and Adobe's Worldwide Search Marketing Program Manager Maria Corcoran cover the evolving landscape of audiences.

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PPC Optimization Checklist

Is your PPC team forgetting something? Get your ducks in a row with this step-by-step PPC checklist, including the 9 things every PPC manager should be doing.

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Webinar: Everything You Need to Know about AdWords Automation

Let’s face it. Wouldn’t you rather automate mundane PPC tasks so you can focus on bigger and more important things? Learn the ropes with PPC automation expert Allie Vadas.

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Getty Images Case Study

Brands lost about 180 million clicks to trademark bidders last year. Getty images is fighting back by monitoring for paid search trademark infringements. See how they’re doing it in our latest case study.

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Webinar: Why You Should Monitor Paid Search

What is Paid Search Monitoring? And why is it important? In this webinar video, BrandVerity's Preston Holland walks you through the basics.

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Putting Disclosures to the Test

Affiliate links could pose regulatory risks for brands. Are bloggers properly disclosing their links? We studied a segment of fashion bloggers to find out.

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Webinar: Europe’s PPC Experts Share Their Tips & Tricks

Get PPC insights from European experts Lucy Siverns, Biddable Director at Performics and Jonathan Dunkley, Business Director of Paid Performance at Ecselis. James Murray from Bing Ads EMEA moderates.

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Expert PPC Tips: Agencies Share Their Best Practices

Are you doing the best paid search you possibly can? This eBook contains experts’ best practices, tips, and predictions to help you optimize your PPC.

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Webinar: What Big Brands Need to Learn from PPC Agencies

PPC agencies know all the best tricks, don't they? Get insights from Jellyfish’s Allie Vadas and JumpFly’s Nikki Kuhlman.

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Paid Search Trends 2017

2016 was a turbulent year for PPC. How should you be adapting your campaigns to keep up? From crucial facts to action items, we equip you to do your best PPC in 2017.

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Guide to the Types of Trademark Bidders

Trademark bidders can reduce your search traffic, inflate your marketing costs, and even mislead your customers. In this guide, we discuss six types of trademark bidders—including information from who they are to how they make money.

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Guide to Tracking Down Trademark Bidders

Trademark bidders often hide in plain sight, so how do you know when they’re a real problem? In this guide, we recommend methods for catching trademark bidders.

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The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search

How does trademark bidding affect brands in different industries? In this report, we examine the advertising landscape on the branded keywords of over 250 popular, consumer-facing brands.

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Guide to Content Compliance for Financial Brands

How can financial marketers balance marketing results and risk? This guide discusses how to maintain productive marketing and compliance at the same time, with a particular focus on partner and channel marketing.

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Report on Hotel Brands, OTAs, and Paid Search

What’s the extent of trademark bidding in the hotel industry? In this report, we examined more than 100,000 paid search advertisements that were triggered by hotels’ branded keywords.

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Guide to Coupon Code Compliance

What happens when coupon codes go wrong? Unfortunately, some affiliates post coupons without permission, leave expired codes published, or even create fake codes. This guide discusses coupon risks and how to address them.

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Guide to Affiliate Compliance

Affiliate marketing programs have great potential to add incremental value, but they can also pose risks to your brand and bottom line. This guide provides extensive information about questionable affiliate tactics, their impact, and methods for detection and prevention.