Paid Search Monitoring

Stop trademark infringers with our paid search tool.

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How it Works

We find infringing ads with our PPC tool and help you take them down in just a few clicks.


Tell our paid search tool what to look for using parameters like keywords, geography, and frequency to ensure you uncover all infringements across all major search engines.


The infringements are then filtered and prioritized in our PPC software so that you can review and take action. Included in the results are details such as display URLs and ad copy.


Taking action is easy. Submit search engine infringements in bulk and reach out to partners with pre-populated email templates, all within the app.

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For Affiliate Managers

  • Stop affiliate abuse
  • Hold your affiliates accountable
  • Protect your customer journey
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For Digital Marketers

  • Defend your branded terms
  • Control the SERP
  • Protect your trademark
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Protect your most valuable traffic

Branded traffic is some of the most highly-converting. Keep your partners and affiliates accountable and make sure they follow your agreements.

Remove unnecessary competition from the SERP

Control the SERP and don’t let trademark violators increase your CPCs and drag down your CTRs.

Safeguard your brand

Take control of your customer journey by ensuring compliance with search engine trademark rules.


Gain Unmatched Visibility

Unlimited daily searches across device types, search engines, geographies, and languages.

Access High-Fidelity Data

Granular reporting with vetted, same-day data.

Pinpoint Threats

Customizable reporting and alert emails enable quick action.

Stop Unruly Affiliates

Easily integrate your tracking programs with our patented affiliate detection.

Remediate Partner Violations

Configurable email templates include evidence such as screenshots, tracking links, and more.

Streamline Trademark Enforcement

Bulk submission of trademark infringement complaints in just a few clicks.

Increase Effectiveness

Search engine approved submission process that is integrated with unique engine rules.

See the Big Picture

Get insight into trends of top advertisers, brand abuse, and ad performance.

Coordinate Across Teams

Collaborate with unlimited users across multiple teams and tackle your goals together.

Paid Search Overview

In this solution overview, you'll learn how BrandVerity helps you stop competitor trademark infringements and partner non-compliance.

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