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Customers search for your brand when they’re ready to buy, make a booking, or become a lead. What are your customers seeing when they search for you?

Unfortunately, other advertisers can hide in plain sight by targeting various search terms, geographies, and times of day. BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring gives you control by showing you who else is bidding on your search terms, what their ads say, and where and when those ads are running.



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Sophisticated Ad Collection

Our patented search technology reveals the ads that deceptive advertisers try to hide, helping you catch even the most elusive offenders.

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Focus on Relevant, Actionable Data

Whether you’re concerned about affiliates, marketing partners, or third-party trademark abusers, we filter out the noise and enable you to focus on what matters.

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Dedicated Account Managers and Analysts

Personalized support is included with all packages, so you can rest assured that you’re making the most of your monitoring.

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Worldwide Coverage

We monitor all major search engines across the globe.

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Powerful, Flexible Reporting

From trends to individual alerts, we have your reporting needs covered.

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Granular Filtering

Refine any segment of data with our advanced filtering tools.

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Proprietary Takedown Process

Save time, effort, and money using our relationships with the search engines.