credit card compliance

Credit Card Marketing Compliance

Web compliance monitoring for Issuers, Networks, and Publishers

Keeping your credit card program compliant shouldn't be an all-consuming task. BrandVerity’s web compliance monitoring software helps you quickly identify incorrect offers so you can protect brand experiences and avoid regulatory scrutiny.

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Be the first to know when credit card offers are non-compliant

Credit Card Issuers: Your brand and reputation are on the line every time an offer is out-of-date or incorrect, whether it’s on your site or a partner’s site. BrandVerity monitors all relevant sites, identifies potential issues daily, and simplifies outreach and remediation. We can also monitor the broader web to find incorrect offers on sub-affiliate or non-partner websites.


Credit Card Networks: As trusted partners to credit card issuers, it is critical to make sure your network sites are carefully monitored. Issues need to be found and fixed before brands or consumers ever see them. BrandVerity supports monitoring across multiple credit card programs to ensure content partners meet your high standards.

Credit Card Content Publishers: Without an automated tool, keeping up with frequent rate and rule changes across dozens of credit card offers on thousands of web pages can be a full-time job. With BrandVerity, publishers can monitor all of their credit card content in a fraction of the time.


New Content Discovery

Be the first to know about an issue

Daily crawling of credit card offer pages ensures quick identification of issues. On-demand recrawls allow for reevaluation of all pages when offer changes occur.

Save Time

Speed up your review process

Automated crawling, risk identification, and on-page highlighting of issues dramatically improve the pace and comprehensiveness of compliance reviews.

Remediate and track your work

Remediate and track your work

Tracking of issue creation and email outreach provides an easily searchable record. Minimize the workload of a future audit with all the documentation at your fingertips.

Learn how to design a review and remediation process:

Ensure all offers are up to date

Protect brand experiences and avoid regulatory scrutiny.

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