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Stop trademark violations and affiliate non-compliance in paid search.

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Ensure airtight compliance of online content and offers across the web.

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Paid Search Monitoring

Maximize CTRs and minimize CPCs by identifying and removing harmful ads from appearing on your most popular branded keywords. Protect your affiliate channel from abuse by policing and taking down unauthorized ads.

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For Affiliate Managers

Keep your affiliate program free of abuse.

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For Digital Marketers

Protect your branded keywords from infringement.

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Web Compliance

Automatically monitor your partner and affiliates’ online marketing to protect yourself from harmful brand violations and regulatory risks.

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Why Use BrandVerity?

See the Complete Picture

BrandVerity analyzes thousands of SERPs in different geographic locations throughout the day and then provides an actionable report of violations.

Remediate Quickly

Our tool makes it easy to take action with features like bulk takedown requests to the search engines and pre-populated email templates to non-compliant partners.

Get Expert Guidance

Our Customer Success Managers are PPC compliance experts who help you in setup and implementation so you can achieve your compliance goals.

Why Leading Brands Rely on BrandVerity

Read how we’ve helped brands, agencies, and networks optimize their marketing spend, enforce partnership agreements and search engine rules, and mitigate their compliance risk.

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"We were using a well known tool for Paid Search Monitoring in the past and the data quality and depth of coverage could not come close to matching what BrandVerity provides."

Jonathan Fisher,

Senior Paid Search Manager,

"BrandVerity has proven to be a valued partner to us. Savings generated by the service outweigh the cost by a light year. We would definitely recommend BrandVerity to others."

Joost Vulker,

Manager Global Strategic Partnerships,

"BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring saves us countless hours by allowing one person in our local office to know exactly what is going on with our brand in every market across the globe."

Benjy Berger,

Global Ecommerce Manager,

Arc'teryx Equipment Inc.

"In the first year of using BrandVerity, I was able to save my company $150k in brand CPC costs!"

Dustin Hovey,

Senior SEM Manager,

Twilio SendGrid

"BrandVerity helps us to detect affiliates who are brand bidding on our branded keywords in our PPC campaigns. It gives good insights on how the affiliates do it as well as what the competition is doing around a certain set of keywords."

Rico Stuijt,

International Affiliate Marketer,

"BrandVerity helps us to detect affiliates brandbidding on our branded keywords. It gives insights on affiliates as well as what the competition is doing around a certain set of keywords. BrandVerity’s friendly Customer Success team is super helpful in removing offending advertisers."

Pierre Kiciak,

Head of Affiliation,


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