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Eliminate fraud from your affiliate program for free

Are your affiliate partners complying with your terms and conditions? Keep tabs on their activity with our always-on search monitoring solution-- no manual audits required.


Stop unauthorized affiliates from stealing your clicks

BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring tool exposes bad actor affiliates bidding on your brand terms, their competing ad copy, landing pages, and much more. Advanced link analysis automatically flags fraudulent activity by affiliates.


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Stop affiliate fraud

Stop dishonest affiliates from stealing your traffic, even when they use evasive techniques like dayparting, IP and geo-targeting, and more.

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Hold your affiliates accountable

Ensure your affiliates drive true incremental revenue and strengthen your partner relationships through increased transparency.

Protect your customer journey

Countless redirects and off-brand destination sites damage customer’s trust. Control your brand’s story by delivering the best online customer experience.

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Raymond Khooda

"Using Paid Search Monitoring we recaptured over $100,000 in revenue that was being misattributed to affiliates."

Raymond Khooda, Online Marketing Associate Manager, Beachbody

Protect your affiliate program

Only pay for clicks that drive incremental revenue.

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