With Google's New Brand Restriction Tools, Publishers No Longer Have a "Good Excuse" for Brand Bidding

In the vast landscape of online marketing, affiliates play a crucial role in driving traffic and sales to businesses. However, there’s still an ongoing concern regarding  nefarious affiliates’ brand-bidding activity on the SERP. Namely, that some affiliates exploit Google's tools as an excuse for dubious tactics.

Olivia Hull
Oct 3, 2023

Why You Need a Brand Protection Solution for Your Online Ads

Paid search is a powerful tool for businesses to reach relevant audiences online. When used effectively, it can help businesses increase brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads and sales. However, there is a dark side to paid search: bad actors can use your brand name to create fraudulent ads that can damage your brand's reputation and impact your bottom line.

Chrissy Kammerer
Aug 31, 2023

Guide to Affiliate Compliance: Techniques, Signs, & Strategies To Combat Affiliate Fraud

An Introduction to Affiliate Compliance

Affiliate marketing programs have the potential to add great value for a company, but a few competent scammers can quickly and vastly reduce their profitability. The technical sophistication of abusive affiliates often far outweighs the merchant’s reciprocal knowledge, allowing marketing fraud to run rampant.

This guide aims to provide extensive information about fraudulent affiliate tactics so that merchants can better understand how affiliate abuse operates, the impact of it on a company, and methods for detection and prevention. We hope that this guide can serve as a step towards an overall reduction in affiliate abuse by granting merchants a deeper understanding of the ways that unethical affiliates manipulate the system.

At BrandVerity, we provide merchants and affiliate managers with tools to detect online brand and trademark abuse. Two services, PoachMark and the Affiliate Watchlist, grant clients effective management tools for their affiliate programs by detecting affiliate abuse of paid search policies and creating a continually updated list of affiliate abusers. If you have any questions or are interested in partnering with BrandVerity, please contact us.

What Is Affiliate Policy Monitoring? 

Affiliate policy monitoring, or affiliate program monitoring, is the practice of proactive tracking and analysis of the activities affiliate partners engage in. This includes the monitoring of website content the affiliate writes, ad placements the affiliate bids on, and social media posts the affiliate makes. The goal of affiliate monitoring is to protect a brand's reputation and integrity while ensuring all affiliate partners are abiding by the rules.

Olivia Hull
Jul 13, 2023

Tips To Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Program From the Start

An affiliate marketing program is a marketing strategy in which a brand partners with a third-party called publishers, or affiliates, to promote its products or services in exchange for a commission on sales.

Sam Larner
Jun 2, 2023

Online Brand Protection Strategy Tips for Search Results

In a recent webinar hosted by BrandVerity, David Iglesias, a seasoned professional from the sales team, delved into the strategies for safeguarding your brand on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This blog post will summarize the key online brand protection strategy tips from David's webinar, focusing on the prevalent tactics, examples of infringements, and recommendations for brand protection in the paid search landscape.

David Igelsias
Jun 1, 2023

6 Brand Protection Tips for Search Keyword Monitoring

When allocating spend to paid search campaigns, marketers expect to expand their reach and acquire new customers to justify a return on spend for the channel. However, a disadvantage of paid search is that the channel’s payment model is based on clicks—a structure that creates a low barrier for entry to digital fraudsters and contributes to $1.4B dollars lost to affiliate marketing fraud annually.

Katie Spurkeland
Mar 24, 2023

How to Find and Take Action Against Brand-Bidding Affiliates with BrandVerity’s Paid Search Monitoring Solution

Since the onset of economic uncertainties brought on by the global pandemic, marketers have been asked to optimize their program spend and reduce unnecessary expenditure. What classifies as unnecessary is the subject of heated debate. One thing everyone agrees on, however, is that you shouldn’t pay commissions to affiliates who don’t abide by your affiliate program rules and who aren’t driving incremental revenue.

Sam Larner
Feb 8, 2023

Dedicated Shopping Ad Compliance Monitoring Proves a Major Win for ASDA’s Affiliate Program

With access to a near-infinite number of platforms and partners, and an ever evolving technology and regulatory landscape, a brand's need for a holistic compliance approach is paramount, something that ASDA is fully aware of. 

Feb 6, 2023

5 Must-Have Features for Your Brand Protection Software Arsenal

For marketing and legal teams in regulated industries, monitoring for compliance online is difficult and time-consuming. Manually monitoring thousands or even millions of pages across multiple affiliates, partners, and/or third-party sites is nearly impossible and leads to critical content being missed. Introducing BrandVerity’s automated Web Compliance solution, which empowers marketing and legal teams to ensure airtight brand protection and compliance of online content and offers. Our solution provides companies with a comprehensive and efficient way to identify content compliance risks and take action immediately.

Chrissy Kammerer
Oct 22, 2022
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