Trademark Policy for Lead Generators: Google's New Rules

Recently, Google updated their trademark guidelines to restrict the use of trademarks by lead generators. If you work with lead generation partners, they are no longer allowed to use your trademarks in paid search. And we believe this is a good thing.

Mason Smith
Nov 30, 2016

New Guides to Make Sense of Trademark Bidding!

Trademark bidding can seem like a tough problem to solve. You might feel overwhelmed with a number of questions, such as:

Jun 8, 2016

BrandVerity Releases Its Q3 Report on the State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search

Today, BrandVerity released its analysis of branded keywords in paid search covering the third quarter of this year.

Nov 19, 2015

PPC Keyword Litigation’s Legal Landscape

BrandVerity welcomes guest blogger Eric Misterovich from Revision Legal, PLLC.

Sep 21, 2015

Rolling out the Welcome Mat: Ensuring Guests Find Your Hotel Online

The average hotel brand is losing out on direct web traffic to the tune of about 26,500 visitors each month. This can lead to a real loss in revenue as those bookings go elsewhere.

Jul 21, 2015

Affiliate Legal Issues: Notes from BrandVerity's Presentation at Affiliate Summit West

My intrepid partner in [educating the world about trademark] crime, Sam Engel, presented at Affiliate Summit West yesterday morning on a panel called “Affiliate Legal Issues: Three Immediate Action Items.” Sharing the stage with him were Gary Kibel, a partner at Davis & Gilbert, LLP, and Gerri-Lyn Becker, President of The California Wine Club. The panel was moderated by Carolyn Kmet, CMO at All Inclusive Marketing.

Jennie Scholick
Jan 20, 2015

Reseller Questions (Part 1): When is it OK for Resellers to Bid On Your Terms?

When it comes to brands that that both sell their own products and work through retail partners, issues surrounding brand bidding can be complex and confusing. While we have written about these issues before, both in our Report on Hotels, OTAs, and Paid Search and in a blog post we published in January, the fact of the matter is that there is no single answer or absolute best practice. On the one hand, resellers bidding on a brand’s terms allow that company’s products to dominate the search results and increase the chance of a sale. On the other hand, partner bidding may cut into profits and potentially harm your customers’ experience with your brand. Direct sales may be lost, customers could have negative experiences on your resellers’ sites, and resellers may even make false promises in their advertising.

Jennie Scholick
Aug 26, 2014

Software Bundlers Target Firefox—Is This Trademark Abuse?

Earlier this week, Mozilla launched the latest version of Firefox. The news got plenty of people (including me) excited about the updated look, feel and features of version 29.

May 1, 2014

The Endless Chain of PPC Arbitrage: Lessons from Monitoring SaveSmart

How is PPC arbitrage similar to Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon? It may sound like the setup to a bad joke, but here's the point I'm hinting at: PPC arbitrage can produce multiple layers of removal from the user's intended destination. Arbitrage can essentially take a user from intermediary to intermediary, potentially without ever resolving on a landing page with any useful content.

Sep 18, 2013

Game of Thrones Brand Gets Targeted in Paid Search

Misleading Game of Thrones Ad

This Sunday marks the season finale of HBO’s popular “Game of Thrones” TV series, which actually set a record for piracy earlier this year. The data from that record-setting season opener was rather impressive: over a million downloads within 24 hours and more than 163,000 users simultaneously sharing a single torrent.

Jun 6, 2013
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