Web Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance and protect your brand with automated web monitoring.

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Monitor for regulations from leading agencies:

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Achieve comprehensive compliance

Our crawlers find elusive content likely to get missed by an analyst or a less sophisticated web crawler.

Customize to your process

Our flexible tool is set up to match your industry, regulations, offers, programs, brand guidelines, and disclosures.

Take action quickly

Automatic on-page highlighting helps you quickly prioritize compliance risks and reusable email templates make remediation easy.


Comprehensive Crawling

Monitor your partner programs with daily in-depth crawls to find brand mentions and risks.

In-Depth Page Analysis

Uncover risks hidden behind menus and popups that text-based crawlers can’t find.

Authentic Page Capture

Review the actual offers consumers see across multiple devices.

New Content Discovery

Find brand mentions and risks within and beyond your program sites and across the web.

Configurable Criteria

Set compliance parameters and update them at any time to reflect current offers.

On-Demand Recrawls

In addition to daily scheduled crawls, get current content when you need it.

Guided Review

Pinpoint and review risks faster with on-page issue highlighting and auto-scrolling.

Page Change Detection

Identify when a page you've already reviewed has been updated.

Resolution Tracking

Access and share program success data, historical screenshots, and remediation activity.

Web Compliance Overview

In this solution overview, you'll learn how BrandVerity helps you ensure airtight compliance of your content across the web.

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Ensure regulatory compliance with the CFPB, FTC, and others

Review your brand's web content compliance with these agency rules.

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