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Mitigate regulatory risk with automated monitoring

In the highly regulated pharma SEM space, maintaining compliance requires a rigorous process. But even the most detailed manual processes are imperfect.

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Correct non-compliant ads before consumers and regulators see them


Pharma Compliance and Quality Assurance teams, and their respective agencies have workflows in place to ensure their ads meet all regulatory requirements. With multiple teams conducting reviews and numerous steps involved, mistakes occur. Using a proprietary technology, BrandVerity monitors the ad variations that show up in the search engine for your campaigns, compares them against the approved ad copy, and reports unapproved versions back to you.


Due to unpredictable search engine format changes, compliance stakeholders cannot fully control how search engines display ads in the wild. A truncation or rearrangement by the search engine can create serious regulatory issues for a pharmaceutical brand. BrandVerity’s automated solution proactively monitors for these compliance violations so that the brand can quickly remediate.


Airtight Compliance

Airtight compliance

Automatically find all ads in violation of FDA rules, among the 43,680 possible permutations created by Responsive Search Ads.

Increase Team Efficiency

Increase team efficiency 

Free up teams to focus on other value-added projects by streamlining the compliance process.

Built In API Integration

Simplify your process

Easily customize the monitoring solution around your company’s compliance program and federal regulations, reducing the complexity of your existing manual process.

Learn about the pharma SEM compliance:

Web Compliance Overview

In this solution overview, you'll learn how BrandVerity helps you ensure airtight compliance of your content across the web.

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Ensure pharma SEM compliance

Maintain control over how search engines display your ads.

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