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PPC & trademark monitoring for digital marketers

Brand abuse negatively impacts key metrics like CPCs and CTRs and leads to the diversion of high-converting clicks. Tactics like geo-targeting and dayparting make trademark infringers almost impossible to catch.

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Stop trademark infringers by monitoring your paid search

BrandVerity’s Paid Search (PPC) Monitoring tool crawls the internet and flags trademark infringing ads. See who is bidding on your brand and how often they are advertising, getting the complete picture including headlines, ad copy, and the URLs they use. Automatically submit infringing ads across search engines for take down.


Protect your most valuable traffic

Branded traffic is some of the most highly-converting. Keep your partners and affiliates accountable and make sure they follow your agreements.

Remove unnecessary competition from the SERP

Dominate the SERP and don’t let trademark violators increase your CPCs and drag down your CTRs.

Safeguard your brand

Take control of your customer journey by ensuring compliance with search engine trademark rules. Alaska Airlines Salomon Carrefour Getty Images

"BrandVerity helps us to detect affiliates who are brand bidding on our branded keywords in our PPC campaigns. It gives good insights on how the affiliates do it as well as what the competition is doing around a certain set of keywords."

Rico Stuijt, International Affiliate Marketer,

Add brand protection to your paid media strategy

Take action with real-world data.

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