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OTA and hotel trademark monitoring

Hotel chains, online travel sites, and airlines rely on an intricate web of partnerships and exclusivity agreements to serve customers. Making sure everyone plays by the rules is a challenge.

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Protect against trademark infringement

There are many threats to your trademark. Competitors and unrelated third-parties use well-known trademarks to divert traffic to their sites. Non-competitive entities, like partners and affiliates, may also misuse a trademark to increase their clicks and commissions. BrandVerity automatically monitors diverse locations throughout the day so you don’t have to. 



Manage your partner ecosystem

Monitor and manage your complex online travel agency landscape by gaining visibility into your affiliates and sub-affiliates with the BrandVerity tool.


Prevent trademark abuse

Don’t let anyone use your trademark to divert clicks and siphon off business. Protect one of your most valuable pieces of intellectual property, your trademark.

Own your brand experience

Your brand has tremendous value. Be a good steward of the brand experience by keeping close control over the customer journey.

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"BrandVerity has proven to be a valued partner to us. Savings generated by the service outweigh the cost by a light year. We would definitely recommend BrandVerity to others."

Joost Vulker, Manager Global Strategic Partnerships,

Protect your affiliate program

Only pay for clicks that drive incremental revenue.

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