People work best when they’re happy. And to us, happiness means a lot more than just the occasional ice cream social. It’s about everything from finding meaning in your work to having a laugh with the people you work with to refreshing your mind outside of the office.

We want to empower that happiness—professionally and personally. And when you make big accomplishments, we’ll be there to celebrate with you.


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Benefits and Perks

Of course we provide the things you’d expect like a 401k match and health plan, but we think there’s more to employee happiness than that. So, we have some additional features to offer:

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Parental Leave

We are proud to support our team through major family transitions. Following childbirth or adoption, our parental leave policy gives primary caregivers 20 weeks of fully paid leave and secondary caregivers 8 weeks paid leave, with flexible hours when returning to work.

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Open Vacation Policy

Life is too complicated for the allotment and monitoring of vacation days. You know what’s on your plate, so you should be the one to decide when and how much vacation time you take. We trust you to make the call!

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Team Lunches

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what your peers are working on, even if they’re in the same room. So we hold team lunches at least once every week where we encourage people from different roles to get together and talk.

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Team Celebrations

When we’ve accomplished something big, we make sure to reward and celebrate the entire team. For company milestones, we have dinners and even off-site events that include everyone at the company.

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Dev Hack Days

Some of the best ideas come out of side projects. We hold monthly “hack days” for our developers where they are free to devote their entire day to something experimental.

We're Growing!