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Paid search monitoring for brands of any size.

Paid search managers spend the majority of their time building and optimizing their campaigns. Protecting your trademark online and ensuring your partners and affiliates adhere to their terms of service, however, is more important now than ever before.

Designed to act as an extension of your paid search or compliance team, BrandVerity’s Managed Services provides both technology and expertise to meet your specific needs. Our patented technology, combined with the brand protection expertise of our Customer Success team, will help you find and stop elusive and damaging trademark infringers at scale.


Monitor and submit infringements more efficiently

Airtight trademark and partner compliance monitoring requires a regular comittment to reviewing and submitting potential trademark infringements as well as emailing partners about partner violations. Let us handle this review, remediation, and reporting so that you can focus on other time-sensitive and pressing tasks.

Free up your team resources

BrandVerity Managed Services gives your team the extra support it needs. Our Customer Success team is comprised of PPC compliance experts with extensive experience in serving brands of all sizes and across all industry verticals.

Receive deep subject matter expertise

Our Customer Success team has worked with hundreds of customers to help them meet their brand protection and compliance goals. They are well versed in the various search engine trademark rules and have close relationships with the representatives at Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

How it Works

BrandVerity Managed Services will customize a trademark monitoring and partner compliance program that best fits your needs and will include these components:


Set up is based on custom parameters including keywords, countries, device types, and frequency across all major search engines. For advertisers monitoring their partners, setup includes a review of all approved partners.

Review and Remediation

Potential infringements identified by BrandVerity’s Paid Search monitoring tool are reviewed by the Managed Services team. The team submits infringements to the search engines or reaches out to partners via email weekly or every two weeks depending on the contract terms.

Search Engine and Partner Feedback

Feedback received from the search engines and partners on the trademark and partner violations are incorporated into ongoing monitoring efforts.


Customized reporting occurs on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on the contract. Trademark reports include a quarter-over-quarter summary of top advertisers found infringing on your trademark.

Managed Services Overview

In this solution overview, you'll learn how BrandVerity Managed Services provides you with PPC experts that will review ads and landing pages, submit trademark infringements on your behalf, and monitor feedback from search engines for effective PPC brand protection.

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