New Guides to Make Sense of Trademark Bidding!

sam.engel Jun 8, 2016

Trademark bidding can seem like a tough problem to solve. You might feel overwhelmed with a number of questions, such as:

  • “Are other advertisers bidding on my brand?”
  • “Why would they bid on my brand?”, or
  • “How do I know if it’s a problem?”


These are great questions to be asking, and we want to help you answer them. That’s why we’ve just released two new guides: one about the types of trademark bidders in paid search, and another about how to track down those trademark bidders. We hope you’ll find them helpful!


6 Types of Trademark Bidders

Who are the common trademark bidders? And why do they bid on trademarks? Our guide to the 6 Types of Trademark Bidders answers those questions and more, providing information on trademark bidders such as the brands they target, how they make money, and example ads.



Tracking Down Trademark Bidders

How do you know that trademark bidders are targeting you? What are the signs of a trademark bidding problem? This new guide to Tracking Down Trademark Bidders includes warning signs, benchmarks, and recommendations for detecting trademark bidders.



Have Questions or Feedback? Reach Out!

We always aim to provide guides that will be informative and useful. If you’d like to give us your input about either of these guides, or anything else we’ve produced, we welcome your candid feedback. Please Tweet to us @BrandVerity or reach out to us here!

Topics: Trademark and Law, Trademark Bidding

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