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If you'd like to reach us online, please drop us a note using our contact form or drop us an email at support@brandverity.com

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BrandVerity, Inc.
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Our Team
  • David Naffziger,

    David was most recently VP of Engineering at Judy's Book. Prior to Judy's Book, he co-founded Quova, the leading provider of Internet Geolocation technology. At Quova, he was Director of Research, where he led the architecture of the algorithms, tools and processes that produced the geolocation data that is used by companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon. David was formerly a strategy consultant at Bain & Company and obtained his engineering bachelor's from MIT.
  • Andy Skalet,

    Andy was most recently a Senior Software Engineer at EVRI, creating semantic search technologies for the web. He has been involved in software entrepreneurship for over 10 years. He has a broad range of software engineering experience ranging from graphics rendering to scalable web applications to search infrastructure, which has been his focus in recent years. Andy holds a M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Computer Science, both from The University of Colorado at Boulder.
  • Hyung-Joon Kim,
    Software Development Engineer

    Joon, the first member of our team, was most recently a Researcher/Software Engineer at nTels, providing Operation Support Systems to leading telecom carriers in the global market. He obtained a B.S. from the University of Washington and a M.Eng. from Stevens Institute of Technology. Outside his work at BrandVerity, he has a wide range of interests including stock picking, mathematical optimization, multimedia, photography, and home decoration. In his free time, he also enjoys "extreme sports" such as babysitting and meditation.
  • Jon Brown,
    European Sales and Operations Manager

    Jon was most recently the Network Quality Manager at buy.at, one of the UKs leading affiliate networks. He has 2 years experience dealing with the threats posed to Networks and Merchants by unethical affiliates. Jon holds a BSc in Computer Science from Lancaster University and has been involved in affiliate marketing since graduating in 2005.
  • Andrew McCaffrey,
    Sales Manager

    Since joining the team in early 2011, Andrew has served BrandVerity clients with his product expertise, walk-throughs and advice. Andrew earned his B.A. in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College, and has been a key contributor to sales teams ever since. In his most recent role, Andrew advised clients at Kibble & Prentice, a leading financial services firm in the Northwest. You'll also find Andrew's team-oriented nature come through on the basketball court—where he played during all four years of college, and continues to play at regional tournaments for his local club team.
  • Keegan Runnals,
    Advertising Abuse Analyst

    Keegan has spent most of his life in small town New England, but made the cross country trek to Seattle after finishing school. He joined the BV team in early 2012 and has grown into his roles providing technical and customer support. Outside of the office Keegan enjoys exploring the abundant outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest. Inside the office Keegan and his colleague Preston enjoy the prestigious title of 2013 Geekwire foosball tournament champions.
  • Kipling Holland,
    Director of Business Development

    Kipling was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He attended the University of Washington, and earned a bachelor’s degree in B.A. (Finance) from the Foster School of Business. He is a member of the Sigma Tau chapter of Phi Gamma Delta. Kipling has been with BrandVerity since June, 2012. He likes to swim, travel and root for Seattle sports teams in his free time.
  • Preston Holland,
    Sales Manager

    Preston holds a B.A. in Finance from the University of Washington. He attended law school at UW School of Law before leaving to co-found GameUp, Inc., an iOS native application based around social engagement and media-sharing in the sports and entertainment vertical. Preston joined the BrandVerity team in August, 2012. Additionally, Preston is an 'accomplished foosball player,' enjoys hiking and playing an occasional game of Settlers of Catan.
  • Christopher Werner,
    Software Engineer

    Originally from New York City, Christopher earned bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and German from SUNY Binghamton. He then served as a software engineer at BAE Systems for over 8 years, working on a wide variety of high reliability systems. Outside of BrandVerity, Christopher is an avid swing dancer and hiker.
  • Alec Deason,
    Software Engineer

    A self-described curmudgeon, Alec has been testing his patience with electronics and computers since he was in high school. While the occasional exasperated outcry of "Why won't you work?" may be heard echoing from his corner, Alec generally enjoys finding resolutions to coding problems. And although many presume him to be a complete techie, he actually enjoys many "offline" pursuits—including glassblowing and metal casting. Alec is also the only BrandVerity employee to not own a cell phone.
  • Sam Engel,
    Marketing Analyst

    Sam has been in marketing ever since graduating from college. In particular, he enjoys the challenge of communicating complex products/services and their value. He has previously served as a Brand Strategist and Copywriter, and earned his B.A. from Brown University. In his spare time, Sam keeps himself busy hiking, cooking, and trying to avoid ultimate frisbee related injuries.
  • Georgia Gier,
    Account Manager

    Prior to joining BrandVerity, Georgia was the co-founder and Director of Public Relations at Degas Media. She previously did social media and public relations for the Seattle-based startups Wishpot and Venpop. Georgia also has a B.A. in Sociology and Spanish from Colgate University, where she was a member of the varsity basketball and cheerleading teams. In her spare time, Georgia enjoys playing basketball, running, and participating in various sports leagues in the Seattle area.
  • Mason Smith,
    Sales Manager

    Mason grew up in Issaquah, WA before graduating from Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Upon receiving his Business Management degree, Mason went to work developing business relationships for the healthcare technology firm, 1stHealth Systems. Now at BrandVerity, Mason continues to focus on sales and business development opportunities. During his free time Mason roots for the Seattle Seahawks and enjoys getting into the outdoors as much as possible.
  • Daniel Chen,
    Software Engineer

    Daniel has worked at software companies of various sizes. He is passionate about building websites that can scale and organizing data that provides insights. Prior to BrandVerity, he was most recently a full stack engineer at medify.com where he helped build a search engine centered around medical information. Daniel earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Computer Science from Cornell University. When he is not working, he is usually spending time with his family or taking pictures of his family when they are not paying attention to him.
  • Veronica Tse,
    Advertising Abuse Analyst

    After growing up in Los Altos, California and then earning her B.S. in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis, Veronica decided to move out to Seattle. Since arriving in the Northwest, Veronica has been enjoying her time in the great outdoors and educating Seattlites about to the geographic whereabouts of Washington University (strangely, it's in Missouri). At WashU, she swam competitively for all four years, serving as the swim team captain her senior year. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys making and eating delicious food. Such culinary experiences have led her to the conclusion that cheese should be its own food group.
  • Olivia Hull,
    Sales Manager

    Olivia is a born-and-raised Seattleite who returned to Seattle after graduating from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in International Business and Marketing as well as a minor in Philosophy. Olivia also served as the captain of Gonzaga's women's lacrosse team while she was a student. Prior to joining BrandVerity in November of 2013, she worked at F5 Networks in the marketing department—where she contributed to global events, partner programs and marketing operations. At BrandVerity, Olivia is focused on sales and business development. Outside of the office, Olivia enjoys playing and coaching lacrosse, adventuring outdoors, and watching her favorite sports teams (go Zags!).

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