Set and Enforce the Rules

Every company’s brand guidelines are different. Easily customize a monitoring policy around your brand guidelines, trademarks, and offers.

Thorough Partner Monitoring

Deep crawl partner sites to ensure every instance of promotional content is fully compliant. Use link identification to review affiliate partner activity for brand compliance.

Save Time Over Manual Review

Monitoring your partner landscape doesn’t have to be a full-time effort. BrandVerity automatically searches the web and delivers actionable results. This streamlined workflow means your team can focus on higher value activities.

Features and Benefits

Real World Web Crawling

Crawling with fully-enabled browsers for a user-centric view of the web.

New Content Discovery

Find content you didn’t know existed and review it for brand threats.

Focused Deep Crawling

Designate high-priority sites to deep crawl and return more results.

Flexible Rule Sets

Set any number of brand rules and update them at any time.

Always Up-to-Date

Find content with frequent automatic crawls and recrawls on demand.

On Page Highlighting

Pages are highlighted with potential brand violations for quick reviewing.

Page Change Detection

Receive automatic change alerts on updated content.

Historical Screenshots

Capture the brand experience with real browser-rendered screenshots.

Safeguard your brand across your ecosystem of marketing partners.
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