Automatic and Thorough Ad Collection

Automatically detect trademark bidders by monitoring all the major search engines worldwide on desktop and mobile. Our technology continuously searches for suspicious behavior on your branded keywords, making the impossible task of thorough collection easy.

Take Immediate Action

Remove non-compliant ads in just a few clicks. Report violations right from the web app via custom integrations with the leading search engines. Immediately contact partners and other third parties directly with customized email templates.

Monitor At Scale

Run paid search monitoring at scale. Add keywords, locations, and search frequencies for full coverage as your needs change. Easily add users as needed at no extra cost.

Dedicated Support Team

Get ongoing support such as account check-ups, product training, and onboarding from dedicated BrandVerity Account Managers and Paid Search Analysts. For particularly tricky ads needing additional analysis, our team conducts in-depth investigations.

Features and Benefits

Patented Technology

Catch advertisers who hide via dayparting, IP and geo-targeting, etc.

Robust Coverage

Mobile and desktop coverage of all major search engines worldwide.

Unlimited Rule Sets

Set any number of monitoring rules to catch trademark bidders.

Trademark Monitoring

Protect your most valuable traffic from trademark bidders.

Bulk Takedowns

Submit bulk takedown requests to search engines with just a few clicks.

Product Listing Ads (PLA)

Track PLA visibility, prices, and position in Product Listing Ads.

Advertiser Reports

Review top advertisers by ad count, share of voice, ad copy share, etc.

Full Ad Details

Search engine, keyword, ad copy, display and final URL, and more.

Affiliate Detection

Advanced link detection uncovers who is responsible for a given ad.

Remediation Templates

Customizable templates auto-fill ad details into remediation emails.

Case Management

Track the success and history of corrective actions in the web app.

Built for Enterprise Teams

Collaborate with unlimited users across multiple teams.

Protect your branded keywords and improve ROI in paid search.
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