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The Affiliate Watchlist

The Affiliate Watchlist contains a list of the most abusive affiliates found violating the affiliate programs of PoachMark customers. Each affiliate added contains a detailed description of the techniques used by affiliates. A sample description from the Affiliate Watchlist:

This affiliate has taken a particularly dedicated approach to brandbidding and direct linking. They utilize JavaScript redirects to remove referrers from their search traffic. The referrers from their traffic appear blank when they reach the affiliate network.

They often have more than one affiliate ID in a program. We've seen them bid on brand terms using multiple affiliate IDs at the same time. The domains listed above are all redirect domains used between the search engine and the affiliate link.

We've linked them together based on the specific code that they utilize for their redirects. It is possible that there are multiple entities represented here (although we think it unlikely).

The Affiliate Watchlist is included free for PoachMark subscribers (sorry, it is not available for trial accounts). Any merchant can nominate an affiliate for inclusion in the Affiliate Watchlist, however, BrandVerity reviews each nominated affiliate to confirm that the affiliate has abused multiple programs monitored by PoachMark.

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News: We just released the Q1 2015 edition of our Report on Branded Keywords!