Meet Our Team - BrandVerity

Bogdan Berbece

Sales Manager, EMEA

It took Bogdan 6 years and 4 countries to finally settle in London. Originally from Romania, Bogdan graduated from the University of Manchester in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in International Management, followed by a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Amsterdam in 2015. Bogdan is a former online gaming enthusiast, but with less time on his hands he now enjoys spending his time oil painting and becoming a pizza aficionado!

Mollie Bieber

Visual Designer

Mollie joined BrandVerity in the spring of 2017 as our visual designer on the marketing team. Prior to moving to Seattle from Kansas, Mollie earned her BFA in Graphic Design and a Minor in French from Kansas State University where she was heavily involved in the KSU Rotaract Club, KSU Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club, and KSU AIGA Club. Favorite things include painting with watercolors, patterns, stinky cheese, and floral clothing.

Stephen Borlik

Customer Success Manager

Stephen joined BrandVerity as a Customer Success Manager in the fall of 2017. As an Account Manager, he enjoys building relationships, problem solving and teaching. Originally from Michigan, Stephen has made his away across the country with stops in Washington DC and Denver prior to calling Seattle home. Outside of BV, he enjoys going on road trips with his wife and two dogs. He’s visited 39 of the 50 states and plans to visit them all.

Pete Carlson

VP of Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Pete is responsible for the software development team. He enjoys building compelling products and building cohesive teams. He has been doing both for his entire career once he got hooked on coding and software delivery. Prior to BrandVerity, he ran Engineering and Development for Bluetooth. Before that, he concentrated on building teams that delivered products to enterprise markets for companies like Adobe, webMethods and SoftwareAG. He is a classically trained musician with a Physics degree who somehow got sidetracked into the crazy world of software development and never looked back. In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, all things music related and laughing with his family and friends. He is a pragmatic and cynical optimist that comes from years of rooting for Seattle sports teams.

Daniel Chen

Development Lead

Daniel is a software engineer at BV, where he focuses more on user experience and customer-facing product development. Daniel has been building web applications for over 10 years and enjoys building product end-to-end. He is always interested in learning new front end technologies. Prior to BV, Daniel has worked at Medify, Microsoft, and Qpass. Daniel earned his bachelor’s and master’s of engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University. In his free time, he enjoys photography, hiking and exploring the outdoors with his three boys.

Emily Dreke

Software Engineer

Emily joined BrandVerity’s developer team in Fall of 2016. Emily is originally from Seattle, but she spent 2015 in Scotland. While there, she completed her MSc degree in Speech & Language Processing at the University of Edinburgh. She has had haggis, and she actually likes it (try it deep fried). Before Scotland, Emily lived in Missoula, Montana and Pozzuoli, Italy. Although she is a world traveler, Seattle will always be her base camp and she is excited to be working in her home city. Having a BA in Linguistics, Emily loves applying natural language processing and machine learning techniques to new problems. In her free time, Emily plays an excessive amount of video games, obsesses over her miniature Australian Shepherd, and bakes fattening things.

Jonathan Elkin

General Manager, EMEA

Jonathan leads BrandVerity's European operation from London, which he returned to in 2015 after spending 3 years in the United States. Jonathan has worked in the online brand protection industry since 2009 helping brands to protect themselves from trademark, compliance and information security risks. In Jonathan's free time he enjoys spending time with his family, returning to his hometown Chichester, and trying to keep up with younger players on the soccer or rugby field!

John Ethier

Sales Manager

Growing up in Bellingham, Washington, John moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. After graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Science, John spent 5 years in the craft beer industry as a brewer and sales representative. After starting as an Account Manager, John moved to the sales team to help BrandVerity grow. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, bicycling, brewing tasty beer, and cooking awesome food for family and friends.

Andrew Gibson

Software Engineer

Andrew is a software engineer at BrandVerity in our Seattle office. He is a graduate of Oregon State University with a B.S. in computer science. When not writing code he enjoys spending time outside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Georgia Gier

Director of Customer Success

As a Customer Success Manager, Georgia enjoys getting to know BrandVerity's customers and helping them get the most from our software. She graduated with a degree in Sociology and Spanish from Colgate University, where she was a member of the basketball and cheerleading teams. When she's not busy rooting for the Seahawks, she still loves playing basketball in her free time. If she could add somebody to Mount Rushmore, it would be Jon "Score" Gordner, our trusty Director of Product.

Jon Gordner

Director of Product

Jon turns insights from customers, the market, and all around the company into product innovation. Before BV, Jon spent time at Microsoft improving the user experience across the full Office suite and the new Windows interface for Surface tablets. Jon was once described as being "pathologically social" which makes his role as a connector of the business and engineering sides of BV a perfect fit for him. Jon's biggest claim to fame at BrandVerity is referring one of our most successful Dogrectors, Penny Monster.

Kipling Holland

Finance Manager

As BrandVerity’s Finance Manager, Kip enjoys the unique challenges of building the Finance Department from scratch with a mind towards scaling operations. Kipling graduated from the University of Washington with a B.A. in Finance and is currently pursuing an M.B.A. from the same university. In his free time, Kipling loves to explore the Pacific Northwest and go to as many concerts around Seattle as he can.

Preston Holland

Director of Business Development

Preston caught the startup bug early, founding his own company called GameUp prior to joining the BrandVerity team. At BV, Preston has served a variety of roles including Sales Manager and International Operations Manager, helping launch our European operations. Preston is a graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle, and grew up on nearby Mercer Island. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and cooking with his wife Jessica—and playing with their dog Penny. If Preston could have an endless supply of any food, he’d choose: popcorn, soft pretzels, and margherita pizza.

Olivia Hull

Sales Manager

Olivia is a born-and-raised Seattleite who returned to Seattle after graduating from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in International Business and Marketing as well as a minor in Philosophy. Prior to joining BrandVerity in 2013, she worked at F5 Networks in their marketing department. At BrandVerity, Olivia is focused on sales and business development. Outside of the office, "Coach Liv" can be found coaching lacrosse and reliving the glory days on the soccer and lacrosse fields. Fun fact: she once got a fortune cookie that told her that she needed to rest more... silly cookie.

Joon Kim

Principal Software Engineer

Joon, the first member of our team, has been writing code at BrandVerity for over 7 years. Previously, he served as a Researcher/Software Engineer at nTels, providing operation support systems to leading telecom carriers in the global market. He holds a B.S. from the University of Washington and a M.Eng. from Stevens Institute of Technology. Outside his work at BrandVerity, he has a wide range of interests including stock picking, mathematical optimization, multimedia, photography, and home decoration. He also enjoys climbing, biking, and skiing with his family and dreams of an endless supply of fish, curry, and basmati.

Dan LaBelle

VP of Marketing

Dan has been leading marketing initiatives for companies of all sizes for over 20 years. Most recently he spent several years in the Bay Area mastering the complexity of marketing Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) software while building several high functioning multi-member marketing teams from scratch. When not geeking out over marketing metrics, Dan can be found walking his Boston Terrier Gizmo, playing far too many video games or adding another model to his much too large Lego collection.

Sam Larner

Account Manager, EMEA

Sam is the European based account manager. He graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a BA in English Language and Linguistics, specializing in Norwegian and Icelandic. After a brief stint as a primary (elementary) school teacher he moved into account management and hasn't looked back since. His favorite part about the job is interacting with customers and problem solving. One interesting fact about Sam is that during a BrandVerity surfing trip to Portugal, he found out he couldn't surf, luckily he could swim. When he's not at work, Sam can be seen throwing himself down snowy slopes across Europe, writing about rugby & cycling and coaching rugby to whoever will listen.

Brendan Lash

Senior Customer Success Manager

As a Customer Success Manager, Brendan enjoys solving customer problems and building relationships. Originally from Philadelphia, he previously worked as an Assistant Operations Manager at Philadelphia Triathlon. Before moving to Seattle, Brendan received his bachelor's degree from New York University, where he studied Classics and Anthropology. In his free time, Brendan enjoys snowboarding, DIY projects, and reading comics. If he could have an endless supply of any food, he would choose either Philadelphia soft pretzels or Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack ice cream.

Sunny Lee

Recruiting Manager

Sunny is best described as “Jerry, Kramer, and George rolled into one.” She is deeply passionate about volunteering in her community, diversity and inclusion, Bob’s Burgers, loving/hating badge app icons, and actively incorporating these passions in all aspects of her position; she is not to be trusted with children or grocery shopping. Definitely ask her about the best places to eat in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina...or anywhere she’s been.

David Naffziger

CEO & Co-Founder

David does a little bit of a lot of things and often jokes that at one point he has done every job (poorly) in the company. Mostly he finds himself apologizing to the engineering team for poor code he once wrote. He really enjoys seeing the team take ownership of the company and its success. Prior to BrandVerity, David was VP of Engineering at Judy's Book and a Co-Founder of Quova. After graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he started his career as a management consultant at Bain & Company. David occasionally fools himself into thinking he's a distance runner and still injures himself playing league soccer. Most of all, he really enjoys getting outside with his family.

Maura Newell

Paid Search Product Manager

With a background in medical research and a degree in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame, Maura is the most recent addition to the analyst team at BrandVerity. Her favorite part of her job, if she must choose, is working with her team to troubleshoot tough cases for clients. When she isn't in the office, you can find Maura playing fetch with her furry pal Stewie Bob or catching a local concert with less-furry friends. If Maura could have an unlimited supply of any food, she’d take all the unagi maki she could get. As a close second, she’d choose peanut butter.

Jake O'Leary

Customer Support Representative

Jake joined BrandVerity as their first customer support representative in Fall of 2017. As a recent graduate of the University of Washington and lifelong resident of the state, Jake enjoys spending his free time outdoors with his dog, Dillon, across the Pacific Northwest. Jake graduated with a B.S. in Economics in June 2017 from the UW, where he worked with the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance to support their technology resources. Jake looks forward to combining his customer focused experience with his analytical background to provide consistent support for BrandVerity’s clients.

Monisha Ray

Customer Success Manager

Monisha joined BrandVerity as a Customer Success Manager at the beginning of 2018. A lifelong Seattle native, Monisha graduated from the University of Washington in 2014 with a B.S. in Conservation Biology, spending her junior year doing research in the Australian rainforest. Prior to joining BrandVerity, she has been committed to providing excellent customer experiences, most recently as a Brand Specialist with Amazon. Outside of work, Monisha enjoys beachcombing and hunting for sea glass, eating poke, and curling up with a good book and a cup of Port Townsend coffee.

Keegan Runnals

Software Engineer

An east coast transplant, Keegan has come to love the PNW. He graduated from Bates College in 2011 with a B.S. in geology, and settled on Seattle after some post-college adventuring. Originally joining BV in early 2012, he found the scrappy startup world to be fun and an incredible learning experience. Academics called him back for a master's in geology, but not before winning a Geekwire foosball championship. After finishing his degree, Keegan was drawn back by the continuing success of BrandVerity, and has resumed his role as an analyst and foosball connoisseur. In his free time Keegan enjoys skiing, hiking, and explaining why we shouldn’t worry about “the big earthquake.”

Ulla Saleh

Content Manager

Ulla joined BrandVerity in fall 2016 as a Content Marketing Manager. She is responsible for developing content in support of Marketing and Sales efforts. Prior to BV, she managed marketing communications at Array Health, a Seattle-based start-up. In a previous life, Ulla served as a U.S. diplomat in China, Singapore and Washington, D.C. She speaks Swedish, Mandarin Chinese, French and elementary Persian and holds a BA from Princeton University and a MA from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Ulla lives on bucolic Bainbridge Island with her husband and two daughters. Outside of work she enjoys traveling, road trips in her 1941 Packard, biking and running around Bainbridge Island, reading and skiing.

Alex Schokking

Senior Software Engineer

Heralding from the frozen north, Alex went to the University of Waterloo for Computer Science and then ended up as a PM at Microsoft for 6 years. Finally realizing coding was a lot more fun for him, he came to be a developer at BrandVerity in 2014. He loves data/metrics and generally makes a LOT of graphs. In his free cycles he enjoys cycling, rock climbing, playing League of Legends, and mentoring a local high school robotics competition team (FRC team 488, xbot).

Andy Skalet

CTO & Co-Founder

Andy has been working in small entrepreneurial software companies since 1998, and it has been his great pleasure to help build BrandVerity's stellar team. He has a broad Software Engineering background from Natural Language Processing and Search to Graphics to Scalability and Performance. Andy holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Andy owns 11 helmets, with the Skiing, Climbing, and Mountain Biking ones getting the most use, aside from the one he bikes to work in every day.

Mason Smith

Sales Manager

Mason's focus at BrandVerity is strategic partnerships and new client success. Stopping trademark abuse and compliance issues from harming BrandVerity clients brings him to the office with a smile on his face every day. If Mason were trapped by fire and could only save one item, it would be his pup Beans, who doubles as BrandVerity's Security Specialist. Beans makes the world go ‘round. And Thai food.

Veronica Tse

Lead Analyst

As an Analyst at BrandVerity, Veronica spends her day solving problems, talking to customers, and playing with the various office dogs. Veronica earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis and served as a Product Management intern at FindTheBest (now Graphique) prior to joining the BrandVerity team. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys cooking (and eating) food, playing ultimate frisbee, and relaxing with her cat Stewie. If she could have an endless supply of any food, she’d choose cheese. Or sushi. Can she have both?

Cynthia Wanjiku

Office Manager

Cynthia’s joined Brandverity in Spring 2017. Her background as a Manager for the University of Washington women’s basketball team and working with Microsoft’s university recruiting team is a great asset to the Brandverity team. She attended the University of Washington and received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Diversity. With her experience in project management and operations, Cynthia joined Brandverity as our dynamic Office Manager. She enjoys planning events for our team as well as collaborating with leadership on organizational needs and strategies. Cynthia loves to travel and is a cloud enthusiast. Whenever her head is not in the clouds, Cynthia enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending art shows, playing soccer, and exploring Seattle’s foodie scene. Did we mention she can speak Swahili----she can talk to Lupita!

Will Weatherford

Software Engineer

Will is a software engineer at BrandVerity. After working in sales, customer service and account management for many years, Will was inspired by a friend to learn to code. After starting with a few online classes and personal projects, he was hooked for life. In 2016, he completed the Advanced Software Programming in Python program at Code Fellows in Seattle. In his spare time, Will loves to play board games, video games (on PC, the most superior gaming platform, of course) and ultimate frisbee. He relies on for all useful information and believes that he could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of his life. Will’s short-term goal is to build some awesome gadgets with his Raspberry Pi.

Jeremy Webb

Senior Software Engineer

Jeremy is a software engineer at BrandVerity in our Seattle office. Jeremy has been building software for over 25 years and holds a B.S. in Computer Science. His career started at a young age writing games for the Commodore VIC-20 and continued at NORAD (not games) and ARM. When not writing software Jeremy enjoys science, politics, and spending time with his wife and children.

Becky Williams

Software Engineer

Becky is a Software Engineer at BrandVerity who recently earned her BS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Before working on graphics rendering and introducing middle and high schoolers to the joys of programming and animation in West Philly, Becky grew up in remote (but beautiful) northern Idaho. The mountains drew her back to the Pacific Northwest upon graduating, and she spends as much time as she can either hiking up or snowboarding down them. She also enjoys both types of scrums, playing rugby with the Emerald City Mudhens!

Nathan Yam

Customer Success Manager, EMEA

Nathan is the second customer success manager for BrandVerity's European operation based in London. Originally from Hong Kong, he graduated from King's College London with a BSc in Biomedical Science, followed by a MSc in Management from Warwick Business School. Prior to joining BrandVerity he worked in a number of startups (from digital marketing, co-working space to health & wellness) back in his native Hong Kong for 6 years. In his free time, he likes nothing more than to sit back, relax and catch up on his favourite US and Korean TV shows. An interesting fact: At a recent BrandVerity company trip, much to his (and other's) surprise, he discovered that nothing draws out his competitiveness and love for speed better than an ATV excursion.