BrandVerity Delivers Leading Web Compliance Solution to Credit Card Industry for Automated and Scalable Web Monitoring

Seattle, WA – September 9, 2019



BrandVerity, which protects the world’s leading brands online, today announced the addition of several features designed to make it easier for credit card issuers, networks, and publishers to maintain compliance over their marketing programs. Recent updates include identification of top compliance risks in credit card programs and improved crawling and analysis of the most challenging web content.


BrandVerity’s Web Compliance solution helps companies in a number of industries ensure regulatory compliance and protect their brands online by continuously monitoring content across the web. With an increased focus on the unique challenges of the credit card industry, BrandVerity Web Compliance now empowers credit card compliance managers and marketers to efficiently monitor for details such as APRs, prohibited text, required text, and more online.


“BrandVerity’s best-in-class solution gives us the added assurance of being able to verify that all of our content and offers are compliant across the web,” said Marisa Figat, compliance manager at personal finance website Wise Bread. “BrandVerity’s customer success team also continues to go above and beyond for us – we really consider them part of our compliance team.”


Maintaining comprehensive web compliance is extremely challenging due to the fast-moving nature of online content and the vastness of many marketing programs that exist on affiliate, partner, and third-party sites. Even a short period of non-compliance can affect millions of consumers.


In addition, for many credit card issuers, networks, and publishers, performing audits is time-consuming and costly. Regulators demand proof of, and adherence to, a thorough compliance process. Creating and supporting this documentation requires resources that most marketing teams can’t spare.


“BrandVerity helps credit card programs, as well as other programs in highly regulated industries, scale the ability to monitor critical online content and manage the remediation process,” said David Naffziger, CEO of BrandVerity. “This latest release gives customers even greater power to prioritize remediation for the content that matters most in their compliance process.”


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