BrandVerity Partners with BrandProtect

Seattle, WA — January 27, 2011


BrandProtect (, the leader in internet threat management, announced today that it has partnered with BrandVerity, a world class solution that monitors paid search abuse on behalf of some of the world's largest Internet advertisers and specializes in finding aggressive abusers that use a variety of techniques to hide themselves from detection.


Paid search abuses include Traffic Diversion, where users are diverted to money stores, competitors or arbitrage websites and Channel Violations, where channel partners, affiliates and resellers are violating existing agreements. The net effect is to confuse potential customers, negatively impact online traffic flow and even to increase search optimization costs, given that unauthorized activity raises the cost of running legitimate campaigns.


"Constantly changing ad inventories, with their dynamic auctions and rapid campaign testing, enables abusers to easily hide activities," said David Naffziger, CEO and Co-founder of BrandVerity. "Sophisticated techniques such as day-parting, IP Filtering and reverse geo-targeting are regularly being employed to enable abusers to take advantage of the awareness generated by respected brands," continued Naffziger.


"This superior paid search protection capability provides us with an effective and affordable way to help businesses enhance their internet threat protection by getting coverage on a growing and increasingly complex area of concern," stated Michael Kiefer, GM at BrandProtect. "BrandProtect will now offer, as a standard included in their brand abuse services, paid search protection on all major search engines to counter the techniques used by abusers. In addition, by integrating the service directly into the BrandProtect portal interface, customers can address abuses encountered with a simple click of a button."


The partnership program complements BrandProtect's award-winning detection, analysis and mitigation solutions for a wide variety of internet issues. More information on BrandProtect and its paid placement protection services is available online at


To learn more about BrandVerity and its complete product portfolio or a product demo contact BrandVerity sales at 888-500-3485. Information regarding BrandVerity's products is also available at


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As the leader in internet threat management, BrandProtect empowers organizations to gain control over how they are represented online by uncovering and mitigating the issues that put their reputation at risk and erode customer trust. BrandProtect's Response Services help detect, uncover and mitigate brand and trademark infringement issues, phishing attacks, web traffic diversions, website integrity issues and defamatory discussions. BrandProtect was the first company of its kind to be offered full membership by the Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST). It also has relationships with more than 4,000 Internet Service Providers globally, accounting for more than 90 percent of the traffic flowing across the internet.