BrandVerity Releases Its Report on the State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search for Q2 2015

Seattle, WA – August 11, 2015


Today, BrandVerity, who provides services that monitor and protect brands online, released its analysis of branded keywords in paid search covering the second quarter of this year.


The study provides brands with a benchmark of what advertisements appear on the search engines when potential customers search for their brand and how much traffic brands may be losing because of trademark bidding. The report also notes overall industry trends and observations.


In contrast to earlier quarterly reports, advertising on Yahoo has dropped significantly. In the past, Yahoo generally came in secondly only to AOL in terms of how many ads it displayed on the typical Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Now, BrandVerity analysts are seeing the average of number of Ads per SERP drop considerably on Yahoo. Bing also experienced a drop of its own, although it was not so dramatic as the drop in advertising on Yahoo.


Another key finding in the report is that Google is making good on an announcement in March regarding how advertisers could promote software in AdWords. The new policy only permitted advertisers to link to the primary distribution source for a piece of software, and in Q2 BrandVerity observed a reduction of third-party sites advertising on technology brands’ keywords.


To get the full story on these items, as well as insight into 10 different industry categories, download the free report here. Or, visit for information on paid search monitoring and other services.


About the Report

The study evaluates the paid search landscape on the core branded keywords of over 250 popular, consumer-facing brands from 10 different industry categories. BrandVerity monitored these core brand terms during Q1 of 2015 to evaluate trends in how brands are targeted in general and within their specific industry segments.


About BrandVerity

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