Google Drops the Hammer on Download Sites

indi.rooney Aug 11, 2015

Today, we’re happy to release the latest analysis of branded keywords in paid search, covering the second quarter of this year. You can download it here.

One of the interesting pieces of discovery to stem from the report is that our analysts noted that Google has indeed made good on its promise to change how advertisers could promote software in AdWords. And, this is a very good thing for consumers and brands.

The new policy only permits advertisers to link to the primary distribution source for a piece of software. Google has virtually wiped out Download & Toolbar sites from Google and Google Mobile - and even reduced them on search partner AOL.

We hope this trend will continue and that we see a reduction in the number of third parties advertising on brand terms of software and technology companies.

The announcement came in March and took effect in April.

To read more about this and to download our quarterly report titled, The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search, click here.

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