Fewer Ads on Bing & Yahoo, Plus Other Insights — All in Our Latest Report

indi.rooney Aug 13, 2015

OK, by now you’ve probably heard us rambling on and on about how we have released our fantastic report on The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search covering Q2. You can download it here.

The study provides brands with a benchmark of what advertisements appear on the search engines when potential customers search for their brand and how much traffic brands may be losing to trademark bidders. We also do our best to note overall industry trends and observations. One interesting find concerns Yahoo and Bing:

Ads Drop on Yahoo & Bing

In contrast to earlier quarterly reports, advertising on Yahoo has dropped significantly. In the past, Yahoo generally came in secondly only to AOL in terms of how many ads it displayed on the typical Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Now, we’re seeing the average of number of Ads per SERP drop considerably on Yahoo.

It’s not entirely clear what’s up with this development, but it may be attributable to the changes in the Microsoft-Yahoo deal that were announced in April. Yahoo’s advertising may simply be in a bit of flux as it adjusts to its new world order.

While not so dramatic as the drop in advertising on Yahoo, Bing also experienced a drop of its own. However, despite the similarity in the amount of advertising on Yahoo and Bing, Bing still showed far more of the brands’ own ads than its counterpart - thus making Bing a bit more brand-friendly.

Get Your Copy

To read the whole story and the scoop on 10 different industry verticals, check out the full report. It’s available as a free download on our site.

Of course, feedback is welcome!

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