London Calling...Well, Technically ALL of Europe

indi.rooney Aug 17, 2015

BrandVerity has expanded its geographical footprint by opening an office in the heart of London. We wanted to provide more in-person, customized services for our clients in Europe.

“Better serving our clients in Europe and expanding our presence in that market are important for our long-term growth at BrandVerity,” said BrandVerity CEO David Naffziger. “We are delighted to increase our investment in the region and excited about the opportunities it presents.”

Let’s face it. Enormous investments are made in the development and ongoing promotion of brands. Given their potential value, it’s now more important than ever to protect and monitor a brand online. With this in mind, BrandVerity is keen on expanding its global presence. Look for more globe trotting coming from BV staffers in the future.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce that Jonathan Elkin has been named Regional General Manager. He will spearhead BrandVerity’s growth strategy for the European market, operating out of the new office. He’s a great guy. Set up a call with him and find out for yourself.

The leadership team will be rounded out with Preston Holland, who has been with BrandVerity for quite a bit. Holland brings years of sales and customer account service experience with him. He led the establishment and launch of the new office and will continue to oversee its development.

Read the full press release here.

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