CSC Joins Forces with BrandVerity to Provide Paid Search Monitoring Service

indi.rooney Oct 6, 2015

BrandVerity and Corporation Service Company® (CSC), a provider of legal, business, and financial services, are working together in a pretty fantastic way. CSC now offers paid search monitoring to its clients through BrandVerity.

“We are thrilled to partner with CSC to provide paid search monitoring services to their customers,” said BrandVerity CEO David Naffziger. “We are excited about the opportunities it presents and look forward to a long, prosperous partnership.”

BrandVerity and CSC together support organizations as they seek to protect their brands in the digital marketplace. Our Paid Search Monitoring detects a broad spectrum of brand abuse and enables clients to enforce against it. It’s a great collaboration!

Check out CSC’s blog post about the partnership or our complete press release for even more information.

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