BrandVerity Releases Its Q3 Report on the State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search

indi.rooney Nov 19, 2015

Today, BrandVerity released its analysis of branded keywords in paid search covering the third quarter of this year.

If you’re new to us, the report provides brands with a benchmark of what advertisements appear on the search engines when potential customers search for their brand and how much traffic brands may be losing because of trademark bidding.

A few key findings...

Mobile has long been a growing force in the average marketer’s world. But, it is now becoming more important as the volume of mobile search increases. Our analysts found notable rises in advertising on Google Mobile.

After seeing a sizable drop in advertising on Bing last quarter, that trend continued in Q3. Essentially, in each of the past two quarters, BV analysts have noticed the drop of nearly an entire Ad per SERP on Bing.

Read the Report Today

To get the overall scoop on the paid search landscape for ten different verticals, read the full report. It’s available as a free download on our site.

Topics: paid search, Trademark and Law, Trademark Bidding, Culture

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