PoachMark Now Decrypts Pepperjam Affiliate Links

Jennie Scholick Aug 4, 2011
At BrandVerity we constantly attempt to make finding and contacting abusive affiliates easier for our clients. One hurdle that often stands in the way of easily discovering an affiliate’s identity is the use of encrypted links. Many networks offer their affiliates the option of encrypting their links to hide their affiliate IDs, meaning that for a client to discover who exactly is behind a link we find, they need to contact the network and have them decrypt it. 

We’ve been hard at work figuring out ways of decrypting these links for our clients so that they can contact abusive affiliates from within PoachMark. We previously announced our ability to decrypt Commission Junction’s links and are excited to add Pepperjam to that list.

In the past, when we came across an encrypted Pepperjam affiliate link, we were only able to show our clients something that looked like this: http://www.pjtra.com/t/PzpDPj46PkVCOj89Qg) and then they would have to contact Pepperjam to find out the affiliate’s name and information.

Now we can decrypt that link to show it in its original form: http://www.pjtra.com/t/2-611-185-205. Our clients can immediately match the visible affiliate ID to the affiliate’s contact information in order to promptly send a cease and desist letter or take other action.

We are continuing to progress toward instituting this technology for all networks. We hope that this improvement to PoachMark will make monitoring affiliate programs faster and simpler for its users.

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