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BrandVerity Releases Social Media Compliance Service for Large Online Brands; Delivers Sophisticated Compliance Monitoring to Marketing, Legal and Compliance Teams

Seattle, WA 10/10/12 -- BrandVerity, a leading technology company that delivers trademark protection solutions and monitoring services to large online brands, announced today the latest addition to its product portfolio --- BrandVerity's Social Media Compliance service. The announcement underscores BrandVerity's market leadership and strength in the market as the only solutions provider to offer a sophisticated and proven social media compliance solution.

A proprietary technology, BrandVerity's Social Media Compliance service provides marketers and legal and compliance teams with the unparalleled ability to identify and manage brand and trademark misuse on social networks. The technology retrieves and follows tweets and public Facebook status updates based on client-driven keywords, and crawls destination websites to identify affiliate relationships within tweets, links and directly on those destination websites. With this critical data, BrandVerity enables users to directly monitor brand and trademark abuse, identify non-compliant messaging by marketing partners, and minimize costs associated with brand and trademark abuse.

BrandVerity's Social Media Compliance service is the industry's only social media compliance service to decode brand and trademark use within the social media realm and enable users to identify and take action on non-compliant messaging. BrandVerity accomplishes this by providing users with alerts and rules that capture abusive messages within tweets and directly on destination websites. The service goes further by building social media profiles of affiliate marketers, allowing unprecedented insight into the social media activity of affiliate partners. The technology uses the same patent-pending affiliate detection technology that BrandVerity is recognized for in its paid search solution PoachMark and is the industry's only solution that identifies non-compliant tweets and posts created by affiliates.

According to BrandVerity's CEO David Naffziger, "We are pleased to expand our product portfolio to include social media compliance services. With this offering we are now arming brand marketers and legal and compliance teams with a sophisticated and proven business tool that ensures they preserve and protect their brand assets with confidence and security."

To learn more about BrandVerity and its complete product portfolio or a product demo contact BrandVerity sales at 888-500-3485. Information regarding BrandVerity's products is also available at

About BrandVerity

BrandVerity provides technology solutions to brand owners to combat trademark abuse and advertising fraud. The company's first product, PoachMark, provides unparalleled insight into the search activity of affiliate marketers, giving brand owners a tool to ensure compliance with their search policies and recover fraudulent commissions. BrandVerity was founded in 2008 and is based in Seattle, Washington.