BrandVerity Releases Coupon Code Monitoring Service for Affiliate Marketing Managers

Seattle, WA — January 14, 2013


BrandVerity, a leading technology company that delivers trademark protection solutions and monitoring services to large online brands, announced today the newest addition to its product portfolio --- the BrandVerity Coupon Code Monitoring service.


The retail industry's first technology solution to automatically monitor unauthorized coupon code use, BrandVerity's Coupon Code Monitoring service gives online marketers the unique and powerful ability to identify and manage brand and trademark misuse in online promotions and coupons by identifying unauthorized code usage on promotional sites. Andrew Gluck, Marketing Associate at commented, "BrandVerity's coupon code monitoring service helps notify me of and quickly respond to potential issues."


Through client-driven keywords and coupon codes, BrandVerity crawls offending sites and identifies affiliate IDs behind those sites; captures screenshots of coupons and promotions; then collects data against alerting rules within the BrandVerity system to deliver critical data indicating coupon code use issues. BrandVerity then arms users with proprietary tools to request coupon and promotional takedowns.


"BrandVerity is fundamentally changing the way marketing organizations manage and protect their brand assets online," said David Naffziger, CEO and founder of BrandVerity. "Today's announcement enables affiliate managers, agencies and networks to proactively identify coupon codes that have leaked across channels and help their affiliates protect site-specific custom codes."


With this latest release, BrandVerity further empowers retail marketers to successfully monitor brand and trademark abuse, identify non-compliant messaging and promotions, and significantly minimize costs associated with brand and trademark abuse. The technology uses the same patent-pending affiliate detection technology that BrandVerity is recognized for in its paid search solution PoachMark and is the industry's only solution that identifies non-compliant coupon and promotional use created by affiliate networks.


To learn more about BrandVerity and its complete product portfolio or a product demo contact BrandVerity sales at 888-500-3485. Information regarding BrandVerity's products is also available at


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