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Paid Search Monitoring
PoachMark monitors search engine advertisements and sends you email alerts when ads are found that meet your criteria. Most customers use PoachMark to monitor compliance with the trademark bidding terms of their affiliate policies. PoachMark circumvents many of the common techniques that infringers use to keep their activities hidden, including reverse-geotargeting, dayparting, use of duplicate ad copy and referrer laundering. Learn more ...
Content Monitoring
Are your publishers and partners posting content that complies with regulations and your brand standards? BrandVerity's Content Monitoring service crawls content that your partners post on their sites and performs automated compliance checks to provide a streamline review workflow. Learn more ...
Coupon Code Monitoring
Saving you the time and pain of manually searching for unwanted coupon behavior & illuminating affiliate behavior that you may be unaware of, our Coupon Code Monitoring service allows merchants to take a proactive stance against coupon abuse– rather than the traditional reactive approach. Learn more ...
Affiliate Watchlist
The Affiliate Watchlist contains a list of affiliate ids, networks and websites of affiliates that have been found to be consistently abusive of BrandVerity's customers. Affiliates are nominated by BrandVerity customers and added to the Watchlist following a detailed review by BrandVerity staff.

News: We just released the Q1 2015 edition of our Report on Branded Keywords!