BrandVerity Releases Its Guide to Content Compliance for Financial Brands

Seattle, WA – December 15, 2015


Today, BrandVerity, who provides services that monitor and protect brands online, released its Guide to Content Compliance for Financial Brands.


The financial industry has been experiencing additional scrutiny of their marketing and promotional practices. Federal agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Federal Trade Commision (FTC) are closely monitoring the marketing landscape for communications that mislead, deceive, or otherwise confuse consumers.


To stay ahead of regulatory risks and poor customer experiences, financial marketers have to be savvy and make sure their marketing partners are on point and compliant with rules and regulations.


Keeping all of this in mind, BrandVerity released its Guide to Content Compliance for Financial Brands. This guide provides information about how to mitigate the risk of working with various types of partners in a world where transparency, fairness, and accuracy is of the utmost importance.


The purpose of BrandVerity’s guide is to help brands take charge of their online marketing efforts, protecting both their reputation and their bottom line. The complete guide provides resources and information about who’s responsible for managing compliance, how and why partner and affiliate sites fall out of compliance (both on accident and intentionally), and best practices for running a compliance process.


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