PoachMark New Features - International Monitoring

David Naffziger Oct 9, 2008

We recently launched several new PoachMark features:

  • International Monitoring: You can now monitor search ads in 6 more countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. All monitoring policies are currently set to monitor in the US only. To enable international monitoring on a policy-by-policy basis, go to http://www.brandverity.com/monitor/setup/. We will continue to add countries over time.
  • Doubled Monitoring Frequency: We've increased our monitoring frequency to twice daily. There is nothing you need to do, this increased monitoring began today.
  • Advertiser Overview Report: We've added a report that gives you a view of all advertiser activity over the last 7 days by policy and/or keyword. This new report can be found at: http://www.brandverity.com/reports/advertisers/.

As a result of these changes as well as continued improvements and bug reductions, we are increasing our Beta pricing to $245 per month at the end of this week. Current accounts in trial will still be able to subscribe at the earlier rate of $195 per month.

Topics: paid search, Events, Trademark Bidding, Product

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