Visiting the Rocky Mountain Affiliate Marketing Association (RMAMA)

David Naffziger Nov 21, 2008

I sat in on a meeting of the Rocky Mountain Affiliate Marketing Association (RMAMA) and presented an overview of BrandVerity and how an affiliate manager should use the service. The meeting consisted of a group of merchants OPMs and interested third parties.

The meeting was held at 1-800-CONTACTS and we were all treated to a fantastic lunch from the company cafeteria. We chatted about shared issues in the industry over lunch and then launched into a discussion about various forms of abuse, which dovetailed nicely with my presentation on trademark poaching. Thanks to Chuck Hamrick of AffiliateCrew for the invitation to talk.

I think you can always tell the level of an audience by the questions that they ask and the discussion that ensues. I was very impressed by the level of affiliate marketing expertise demonstrated by those present and I also noted the consistency in problems that they face.

Topics: affiliate marketing, Events

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