Announcing the PoachMark Pool

David Naffziger Dec 19, 2008

We're excited to announce the launch of the PoachMark Pool - a collaborative approach to catching trademark poachers. It allows you to benefit from the discoveries of other members.

What is the PoachMark Pool?

The PoachMark Pool is a shared resource of search ads contributed by PoachMark customers. All of the data we retrieve about a particular search ad contributed to the Pool is available to PoachMark Pool members.

How does the PoachMark Pool help me?

PoachMark Pool allows you to investigate the search ad history of affiliates. You can quickly determine whether the affiliate has a history of purchasing trademarks or if they accidentally violated your keyword policies.

We frequently see the same affiliates violating the keyword policies of multiple subscribers. The PoachMark Pool gives affiliate managers the opportunity to review the search ad history of existing affiliates or new applications.

How do I join the PoachMark Pool?

The PoachMark Pool is available to PoachMark subscribers at no additional cost. All PoachMark Pool members contribute their ads to the Pool and in turn receive access to the ads contributed by other subscribers.

However, the PoachMark Pool is not available to accounts in trial and not available unless you contribute your ads. We feel that these safeguards are important to protect our customer's data.

You can join the PoachMark Pool by visiting this link and opting in:

A few customers have been testing the PoachMark Pool for several weeks and we have already developed a base of ads that provides value as soon as you join the Pool.

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