These Valentine's Day PPC Ads Made Us Chuckle

sam.engel Feb 14, 2014

Valentine's Day sure seems to bring out the creativity from paid search teams. Maybe it's easier to stand out when so many advertisers are using the traditional jewelry and chocolates narratives, or perhaps it's just fun to manufacture relevance to the topic of love.

Either way, after monitoring a set of Valentine's Day keywords over the past week, we felt the need to share some of our favorite ads. Here are our top 8, in no particular order: Abandons the Frills


Does your significant other have spartan tastes? If so, you might want to cut the sappy stuff and grab him a "Mancrate"—a kit packed with manly goodies such as beef jerky, beer paraphernalia, or knives.

Everybody Loves Money


Out of ideas? Let your loved one get something for him or herself! Western Union seems to be offering a free transfer fee in the UK today.

An Opportunity for the Single Folks


If you're still searching for that special someone, you're free to stop by Culinary Dropout's Singles Awareness Day event (AKA "SAD"). Is this a viable option, or is it just mean?

No Matter Who You Are, Nintendo Loves You


Perhaps it's comforting to know that Mario or Princess Peach will always appreciate you?

In Case a Mancrate Wasn't Enough


What guy wouldn't want to smell "Dangerously Sophisticated"? The only question is whether the colognes are shaken or stirred.

Say It with a Candy Shell


It's not so much the ad that makes this great, but the offer itself. M&M's will let you make a personalized set of candies to celebrate with your Valentine, which we think is pretty cool.

Singing Telegrams Are Back


I don't know what to say other than that I love the sassy copy of this ad.

Just Add Bacon


We're not trying to be gender biased here, we promise. It just so happens that there were far more absurd ads promoting gifts for men. As if the Mancrates and 007 Fragrances weren't plenty, here comes the Popcorn Factory with its bacon popcorn. It almost seems that most of the bacon sold these days is for novelty purposes.

Did We Miss Any?

If you saw any humorous Valentine's Day ads in the wild, we'd love to hear about them.

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