Announcing Our New Service: Content Monitoring

sam.engel Mar 18, 2014

BrandVerity is thrilled to announce the launch of Content Monitoring! We've been developing, testing and iterating on Content Monitoring for months now, so we're happy to share this news. We think Content Monitoring will be a very useful tool for ensuring that the content on your affiliates' and partners' sites is compliant with your policies—streamlining your process and saving your team valuable time.

Content Monitoring automatically scours the web for offers and promotions related to a particular brand. Then, after collecting the relevant pages, it evaluates each page for compliance. Just like with our other services, you can develop customized monitoring rules based on your own policies. We've also weaved in some additional features to make your process even more efficient. Among these features are: active discovery of previously unknown pages, detection of in-page changes, and storage of all the relevant supporting details.

Ways to Use Content Monitoring

Through our development process, we've continued to adapt and refine the service to match the needs of various users. Here are some examples of use cases that have been tested:

Maintaining Accurate Information Across Channels

How well are your marketing partners representing your offers and promotions? Now you can ensure that the details available on affiliates' and partners' sites accurately reflect your offers and your brand.

Taking Down Misleading Copy

Whether it's an intentional attempt to delude customers or a case of something accidentally being misread, there can be serious repercussions from any misleading language on your partners' sites. It's beneficial to deal with phantom guarantees, omitted restrictions, invented discounts and other promises before they circle back to the brand.

Removing Any Associations with Off-Brand Content

In what context does your brand appear on marketing partners' sites? What language do your marketing partners' use about your brand? With Content Monitoring, you can prevent your partners from representing you in inappropriate ways.

Catching Expired Offers

When a prospective customer sees an old offer on a partner's site, they're in for a negative experience once they find out that the deal no longer exists. With Content Monitoring, you can prevent outdated offers from staying up on your partners' sites.

Get Your Content Monitoring Demo

We look forward to an intense iteration cycle following the launch of Content Monitoring, and welcome you to try a demo of the service and provide your feedback. To get started, feel free to send us a note here, reach out to someone from our team directly, or email We'd be happy to show you what Content Monitoring can do!

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